The Five Island Trail is working its way around Five Island Lake.  It is a 10-foot wide, concrete, multi-use trail that provides a safe place to walk, run, rollerblade, bike, as well as other activities.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trail.  The trail is open dawn to dusk.  Up to now we have about 3 miles of paved trail on the west side of the lake beginning at the Shores of Five Island Golf Course, winding behind Lakeside Lutheran Home, and then heading north.  We also have a section that is about 3/4th mile long on the east side of the lake.  On the south side of Emmetsburg, there is trail along the cemetery that also connects to the Little League and soccer field areas.  In the future, we hope to connect all sections of Five Island Trail.  While on the trail, you will be able to view/visit The Shores of Five Island, Lakeside Lutheran Home, Rockport Addition, Nolan-Rouse Park, Nelson/Stillman Addition, a covered bridge, Five Island Lake, corn and bean fields, as well as other beautiful sites in nature.

In 2020, we built a covered bridge.  To our knowledge it is the only covered bridge built in N.W. Iowa specifically for a trail.  This bridge is located in the Nelson/Stillman Addition at the north end of the west trail that starts at The Shores of Five Island.  The bridge crosses a drainage pond adjacent to Five Island Lake and has a gorgeous view!

Also, in 2020, we plan to pave approximately 0.5 miles of trail heading further north of the covered bridge.  When this is complete, it will provide approximately 7 miles of trail round trip (if you start at the golf course on the west side of the lake and travel northward and then return).

Please click HERE to view a video fly-over of current and future trail sites.  We hope to see you out enjoying the trail sometime soon!